Conflicting reports on killing of temporary MB Supreme Guide in Gaza
Mahmoud Ezzat - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood group denied the killing of the organization’s temporary Supreme Guide Mahmoud Ezzat, which the Brotherhood Without Violence movement claimed earlier on Wednesday.

“If he died, the Brotherhood would be the official broadcaster of such news. We have no motives to hide his death, we have previously declared the deaths of our members,” leading member of the Brotherhood Mohamed al-Sisi confirmed on Wednesday, in statements to Youm7.

Furthermore, the news of the circumstances of Ezzat’s death is hard to believe “because it is illogical,” Amr Emara, the coordinator of the MB Youth Alliance told Al-Bawaba News on Wednesday.

On the other hand, the Brotherhood without Violence movement claimed Wednesday that Ezzat was killed by armed militants in the Gaza Strip, in a statement on the movement’s Facebook page.

However the statement mentioned that the news was not confirmed yet, adding that the Brotherhood is trying to conceal the news to maintain the morale of the group’s members.

“So far, the movement has not fully confirmed the news of Mahmoud Ezzat’s killing, but sources have assured that he was killed in a hotel in the Gaza Strip by militants a few days ago,” the statement read.

Reports have circulated on Ezzat’s presence in a hotel in Gaza, according to a Sky News Arabia article published Dec. 4, 2013. Further, different Brotherhood sources confirmed that Ezzat is living in Gaza.

Yet, Emara questioned, “Are Hamas and the MB imprudent enough to keep Ezzat in a hotel where it would be impossible to secure him?”

“The Prosecutor General must question Ahmed Yehia and Hussein Abdel Rahman to find out where their sources got their information,” he continued, referring to the founder and the official spokesperson of the movement respectively.

Ezzat became the interim guide of Brotherhood after the Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie was arrested in August, 2013, amid the crackdown on the group.

Yet, to the present day, Ahmed Ban, a researcher in Islamist Movements Affairs said that Ezzat never left Egypt, and that he is the now the most important person in the organization, and as such it will do anything to preserve his life, in statements to Al-Arabiya al-Hadath Channel.

According to Ban, both Ezzat and fellow MB leader Essam al-Erian were staying together, following meticulous precautions to secure themselves, “such as abstaining from using any means of communication that could locate them through satellite” to avoid being arrested by police forces.

On the other hand, the Palestinian Movement Hamas denied in the same month Ezzat’s presence in the Gaza Strip.

Ezzat is among the runaway suspects in the prison break and espionage lawsuits which are under consideration by Cairo Court of Appeals. The trial was adjourned to April 9 to issue a verdict regarding a request to refer the case to a different court.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Abdel Baset and Ahmed Arafa.

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