Rabaa dispersal was according to international law: MOI media assistant
Egyptian security forces move in to disperse Rabaasit-in - AFP,File

CAIRO: Abdel Fatah Osman, media assistant to the interior minister, said in a phone call to MBC Masr on Wednesday regarding the Rabaa sit-in that forces began dispersing Muslim Brotherhood members after it appeared that they did not intend to leave.

The National Council for Human Rights said in a report on Wednesday that forces dispersed the sit-in rapidly, 25 minutes after a warning, which was not enough time for people at the sit-in to leave.

Osman said in the phone call that the dispersal of the sit-in was held in accordance to international laws. Police forces began warning the people at the sit-in through megaphones for half an hour, he said. The first victim of the dispersal was one of the officers with a megaphone, he said, who was shot with a bullet fired by a person from the sit-in.

He said the dispersal of the sit-in was overseen by human rights organizations and security forces who remained “committed to the standards of dispersing.”

Osman also said that the ministry “welcomes investigations of all the details,” and said the report of the National Council for Human Rights was objective.

Originally published in Youm7.  

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